Friday, November 19, 2004

In Absentia?

Checking the date of my last post against the penultimate one, I notice
my blogging's becoming quite sporadic at the moment.

Why? Busy, busy, busy. Work, work, work. Maybe this is why nobody else I
know keeps a blog - I'm just slack.

It's not all bad though. I've been venturing into the worlds of
international software projects, the Realm of the Businessman, Amsterdam
hotels and the art of living. I've also been working on the MUD a fair bit, too.

Out of all of this I'm developing a greater sense of the world, and
asking questions that I probably wouldn't have asked otherwise. Such
as... What's the best social infrastructure to organise information (a
la Wiki vs Webpage, but on a grander scale)? What do I *need* to do,
compared to what I *want* to do, compared to what I *should* do? Why are
companies deemed more important than people? Where should philosophical
education come from, and what should it aim for?

So, everything's bubbling under. I still have that link to Geek Credit open, waiting to
be explored thoroughly, and normal service should be resumed in my lifetime.

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Anonymous said...

Then of course, Master Scribe, there is the added wrinkle of taking the time to do something that you thought would be enjoyable/satisfying and finding that it wasn't so enjoyable or satisfying after all. Was it a waste of time or a valuable learning experience?