Monday, November 01, 2004

Required Reading

Halloween's over, but I'm still spooked out. I actually respect the words of a guy who probably masterminded the deaths of a few thousand American citizens more than I respect any of the campaign propaganda coming out of the mouths of either of the US presidential hopefuls. Depressing and scary. Maybe it's time to move to Sweden...

Full transcript of bin Ladin's speech at Al Jazeera, or maybe some CNN version if you're that way inclined. Check the differences though.

Oh, and BBC Coverage seems to offer similar, saying:

"In that tape, although not made for public consumption, [OBL] revealed himself to be a thoughtful operator as well as a dedicated fighter.

Just as he did in this latest tape.

...although the focus in the media still seems to be on the fact that Bin Laden is making immediate threats and claiming responsibility for 11/9/01. Ho hum.

Have we really lost that much insight within our media and political systems?

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