Friday, January 14, 2005

Music to deter yobs by...

Originally Tribed, but I want to see how easy it is to get content from one place to another... :) Also originally linked to in relation to Reality Hacking, hence the apparent dismissal of the more.. "societal" aspects.

BBC Article on how people are using Mozart to move "undesirables" on...

Whether or not this "effective" on a large scale isn't so on-topic, but it's interesting to see people using the social ins and outs of a group to control them.

I suspect the same techniques could be used *very* easily on other demographics too. Conversely, for example, teenagers play loud music to deter their parent from coming into their room. How else could you tap into people's social trends to manipulate their actions? Is there a link between "socially picky" about taste, and being vulnerable to this approach?

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