Wednesday, January 05, 2005

U.S. forces key to containing China

Let's face it, the war against terror is nothing really. One world superpower versus a few determined, but mostly unorganised and unideological* activists. The second bigest superpower, China, is still ragingly communist and while they may be openly entertaining free market practice, you can bet your boots that the US is paranoidly watching them in case they extend such influence to, say, foreign elections. The neocons are takin no chances, I suspect. At least, I wouldn't if I were them. Which is why we should start taking US troop movements seriously - both for military and political reasons.

* I have yet to be convinced that the majority of what-we-call-terrorism is a pro-ideological battle to impose fundamentalism on the West (a la USSR imposing communism during the cold war), rather than simply a resistance against the creeping and creepy imposition of Western culture on the rest of the world. Thus, unideoloical rather than pro-ideological. So there.

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