Thursday, July 07, 2005

Everything's Connected

Heavens. people start blowing up London transport, and the whole country falls apart. Ripple effect - the telephone network, news sites (BBC is unreachable right now), workplaces - all come to a standstill because everyone acts the same in these situations, and pretty much no system can deal with that. Fallout in the next 24 hours. Tinfoil hat time.

Follow the headlines on Google News U.K..


Jane said...

During 9/11 the only news sources working were BBC News and the Guardian - suspect it'll be the same today

Scribe said...

I also find Flickr interesting at times like these. Dunno if they're just gathered from news sources (quite probably), but have a look at Antarctic Lemur's feed maybe, including this one of the double decker bus involved.

Scribe said...

More photo links... 1 (Flickr group), 2.