Saturday, July 02, 2005

Progress of brain!

It's 2 in the morning, but I've got somewhere that I like.

Vim + VimNotes + Markdown syntax colouring

Here's a screenshot of it all running via gvim. I'll probably run it under plain command-line vim, but the screenshot demonstrates the "VimNotes" menu item that lists all of the existing pages/sections.

I like the ability to search through all my pages at the touch of a button (F4) and the ability to create new ones with another (F2). Folding (like outlining, but perhaps more limited) is also good, although I'm wondering if I can tie in the Vim Outliner stuff too - at the moment, I can switch between the two by changing the filename extension, but maybe I can "embed" Outlining into any page using some custom mark-up (e.g. "[[[OTL]]]") - that would be useful, I think. Still, I prefer the readability of Markdown over the functionality of Outlining, so it's not too urgent.

I also like the direct opening of URLs in the background, and I suspect I can use Another Vim script to open just about everything else...

All I need now is to update my website to take the VimNotes headers into account, and re-convert all my existing content into compatible files, and set up CVS properly... Hurrah!


phil jones said...

Hmmm. This all looks exceedingly cool and interesting. And I don't understand any of it. :-(

Fortunately I'm coming to the UK next week. Hope we can meet up and chat about stuff :-)

Anonymous said...

This looks really interesting. Would you mind sharing with us your configuration and you set up your environment? Thanks...

Scribe said...

I've posted some info (including my hacked VimNotes.vim script) to my website, here:

Although it's brought to my attention the fact that something's wrong with the "pre" formatting, so everything's double spaced. For now.