Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Britain == Business

Something to realise - the most important thing in Britain today, for those that "run" it - is money, which means big businesses are more important than small businesses, and business men/women are more important than anyone else.

Only official sponsors can mention certain Olympics-related keywords.

How great - "London/Britain" wins the Olympic Games, but then it's all kept out of the hands of the people who actually live here. (Anyone have any rough idea what rough "percentage" of business made out of the olympics will disppear into large multinationals?)

Is it any wonder that financial sectors are considered a target?

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And if Michael Howard is right, being British means selling out anyone you know to scrape in the spondulies. You can't just "invent" an identity. Unless you're on the Internet :) And when he says "There are people, as we have seen recently, who are fundamentally hostile to the values of this country", perhaps we should take a moment to figure out how nice we are to each other first?

Maybe it's about time "we" start thinking about what's important to us - not what values politicians and marketing gumpf wants us to think. Step foward, ideas.

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