Thursday, August 18, 2005

Yang breeds yang...

Russia joins forces with China. "Analysts say China and Russia are signalling they are prepared to counter US dominance in international affairs."

This is a case of one show of might leading to another show of might, and lessons from the Cold War/most other wars teach us where this ends up. But on the other hand, the US has spent the last 60 years building up its global military force, and shows no sign of stopping as it continues to look spacewards. In the face of such hedonistic, idealistic arrogance, is this actually an unavoidable and necessary step towards maintaining some FUBAR status quo?

While many on the left would love to see the US taken down a peg or two, the scope that it restricts itself to is .. well, restrictive. For many, this is a war of words on words, and a battle of values against values. But he whole picture includes not just these (essential) grounds, but also an equally important level of support based on physical might. In other words, an army is something the left refuses to provide. Perhaps this is why many liberals are seen as "sympathisers" of the ruthless enemies of the Western World - terrorists and world leaders alike - and why the left will always be the first to question the difference between a "suicide bomber" and a "freedom fighter">

Meanwhile, the right understands firepower. It's simple. it's technical, it doesn't argue back. It acts as defence, but in two ways - defence against any marauding parties of course, but also defence against changing oneself - a tool to preserve the way of life and the values of the bearer. Better to fight than to change, et al.

How do we learn? From catastophe or crisis, usually. I wouldn't bet that it's any different this time.

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