Tuesday, September 20, 2005


A haphazard form of the present. Just back from the sublime Múm. I have a fortnight "off" before Uni starts. I have finished 'Discipline and Punish' and am brimming with thoughts of prisons and normalisation systems - does the penal system create delinquency? Just read Phil's thoughts on Markets vs knowledge/reason and am reminded of a thought that when people talk of people as being "rational", they often define rationality in some idealistic way - according to science, according to law, according to the plot of a movie. Lose the dreams and understand that causality is the only rationale. My bonsai is weak. I have no urge to listen to podcasts. A poem.

"The skip and the slide, the ominous hide
Of a beast as big as its belly.
The old leering tide lets you slip right inside
Your own reality show on the telly."

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