Friday, September 02, 2005

Survival of New Orleans

Back from Slovenia, didn't get too caught out by heavy rain, but I was reminded how much fun listening to a storm overhead from a small tent can be.

Still, we were lucky... has a good feed from New Orleans - the self-sufficiency required by a data centre for emergency situations has proved good, and 2 or 3 teams are blogging and video-streaming from "Outpost Crystal". This bit, from an informal interview with a citizen, sent shivers down me:

The people are so desperate that they're doing anything they can think of to impress the authorities enough to bring some buses. These things include standing in single file lines with the eldery in front, women and children next; sweeping up the area and cleaning the windows and anything else that would show the people are not barbarians.

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You want to get shivers?

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