Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Afghan 'drug lord' handed to US

How sad. The importance of terrorism in swinging people's opinions is now so great that the term "narco-terrorism" is being used seriously. I suspect it's no coincidence that Baz Mohammad's mention of "jihad", in reference to selling drugs to America, is being played up.

US Attorney General Alberto Gonzales also ignores fundamental neo-con eco-politics when he says that "those who seek to destroy American lives will be brought to justice". If there ain't a market demand, then it's difficult to supply people with $25m-worth of heroin. Where exactly is that demand coming from?

Or is Alberto trying to portray US drug takers as merely victims of the Afghan drug cartels? Well, maybe it's not so clear cut. Wipe out the cartels and we'll see if the problem goes away. Or if the demand simply gets supplied from somewhere else.

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