Wednesday, October 19, 2005

On Fluenza - initial notes

I can't work out if govt plans to buy two flu vaccines for every person in case of outbreak of bird flu is:

  • meant to calm people down

  • meant to make people more afraid; or

  • the result of the government being afraid (both of outbreak, and of being seen to not do anything) and being pushed into it by industry

    • Ask yourself - do we really need this much vaccine, especially when it doesn't actually exist yet? How much research has been done into how feasible this vaccine is? (I'm not a biology person...) When Sir Liam Donaldson mentions that:

      Roche, which manufactures the drug, had originally agreed to deliver the full order by March 2007, but under government pressure, it had agreed to bring the deadline forward to next September.

      what was the "government pressure" exactly? Did it involve the promise of more money?

      And while it may be great that a company is on the case with making a vaccine, what measures are being taken to actually distribute the stuff to places where it matters?

      Furthermore, the people dealing with this are going to be the same people being trained up for terrorist attacks et al at the same time. What pressures are we placing on our infrastructure to have all of these contingency plans in place?

      *sigh* I can see I'm going to have to read the PDF... So much reading to do...

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