Thursday, January 05, 2006

Blogger Web Comments for Firefox

A few weeks late, but I've only just discovered Blogger's Web Comments for Firefox extension. This is kind of like Annozilla for the 21st century - every time you go to a page, an icon in the statusbar flashes and Firefox retrieves blogs that have linked to the page via Google's blogsearch (what with Blogger == Google et al).

A list of blog entries then pops up in the bottom-left hand corner - the whole thing is smooth and quite non-intrusive (so far) - which you can click on to load in a new tab or whatever. You can also add your own comment, but haven't played around with that yet. Maybe expect a blog post here using such technique...

The whole thing reminds me a lot of Annozilla (and that other one that got closed down by over-zealous webmasters), only it works cos Google's behind it. Which annoys me slightly, as it shows once again that getting decent decentralised schemes off the ground is actually quite difficult. Oh well.

Right, back to the essay...

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