Monday, January 09, 2006

My First Essay

After declaring that I'd try to blog more about stuff I'm doing at Uni, I thought it good to follow up with this. "My First Essay." It's not the best essay ever, and I feel like I'm still trying to strike a good writing style that fits into an academic environment (i.e. some formality, but not boring), but what the hell...

A quick outline. It's on the different impacts that technologies have on society, concentrating on:

  • intended vs unintended consequences

  • complexity as a barrier to diffusion - complexity of production, and complexity of use

  • the normalising effects that technology inherently has - incorporating compatibility and expansion as a result of a "lust" for technical efficiency, and the idea that people use technical objects as an indicator of social status. For me, this section is probably the most interesting.

  • You can find links to it at Exmosis: Uni Writing.

    This term should be good: Innovation for Sustainability, and ICT Policy and Strategy.

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