Sunday, January 08, 2006

Re-assessment Time

2005 is done with, discarded like an old rag. I've had one very interesting term at Uni. I've got new toys. My belly is full of sushi. 2006 is upon us like a savage dog. So what lies ahead? Here's some random thoughts presented like a round-up.

1. Part of me feels a little like I'm getting sucked into the ivory tower world of academia. There's lots of interesting thoughts coming out, and while I may not be ready to blog any research just yet, I have been feeling guilty that most of my thoughts have remained on paper. So this year, hopefully some more posts on stuff I'm studying and how it ties in with the rest of life.

2. To come: Updates on organising myself. Suffice to say that the complex note-taking/publishing wiki-type Vim setup I had in mind has been surpassed by red notebooks. Oops. Still, a new handheld PC thingy might make things interesting...

3. I haven't been ranting enough this last year. More ranting!

That's enough for now.

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