Thursday, May 11, 2006

Iran: Not just oil, but uranium too?

Apologies for the coverage of Iran, but thought this one was worth mentioning - a lengthy article, but an interesting read (despite it's obvious bias) as it a) has a short "history" of Iran, Iraq, the US and Europe, and b) ties the Oil Bourse in with the market for that other big source of power, nuclear.

This makes sense in the same way that the Dollar-shifting Bourse makes sense, but is intriguing as you suddenly start to open up a range of factors that affect the balance of economic power. Countries don't often act just for one reason, but a whole host of reasons that, put together, act as a stimulus? Sounds plausible to me, but I might be wrong...

I don't have too much of an idea how true the difference is between civil-grade Uranium and weapons-grade, and what you can produce in civil reactors. Is that (i.e. a general ignorance of the technicals) part of the problem?

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