Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Control over Reputation

Hmm, I'm almost loathe to give publicity to this one, but it raises some interesting points. The FT has a (purchasers/subscribers-only) article today on a new 'e-Influence' service being offered to track companies' reputations amongst bloggers and "other opinion-formers on the Internet".

The opening line of the article states, in a typically overhyped way, that "Businesses are in danger of "losing control" of their reputations".

Doesn't this imply that, prior to more lubricated communication flows (blogs et al, if you like), reputation was in the hands of the suppliers? I love the way marketingspeak goes against all the 'rational consumer' theory of its economics grandaddy (a split representing, I suspect, the adherence to practical psychology that marketing relies on...). Bad product = pay less. Reputation is not branding.

Such reputation-tracking services will, I guess, fall into usage by two sorts of company: those that actually care what people are saying about them (at which point the mettle of the "independent" blogger is tested, as "sweetening" deals come their way...) and those that are out to sue (a practice which scientologists pioneered, of course).

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