Friday, January 19, 2007

The Phone that Stinks.. and Dances. And recharges itself.

There's something distinctly amusing, yet utterly fascinating about this Cellular Phone Robot. The way it docks itself to recharge, the way it rushes off to find its owner, but moreso the use of different "dances", music and smells to "set the scene" for the incoming caller - people you like more have a happier dance/smell, while people that make you grumpy have a bad smell. Literally. There also seem to be some kind of bio-monitors integrated with it in order to train it for who you do and don't like.

Video on the link above. In all this talk about iPhones yadda yadda, it's intriguing to see some people playing with how phones can integrate with our emotions more, rather than just our sense of aesthetics and consumerist class...

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