Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In Memoriam: Jean Baudrillard

Proof that the good don't always die young, but another sad day as Jean Baudrillard escapes the Matrix.

I started working through Simulacra and Simulation a few months back and, as generally with the French lot, while it's hard going, it has some great ideas in it. The BBC article refers to Baudrillard's more recent commentary, quoting him to show how controversial he was. Regarding September 11th:
"It is we who have wanted it. Terrorism is immoral, and it responds to a globalisation that is itself immoral."

I can't remember if I blogged something along similar lines or not (I know it was in mind), but such a quote shows the extent to which Baudrillard was adamant in pointing out how modern society, modern culture works - and not simply how we wish it worked. Like Foucault, he rather enjoyed peeling back the skin to reveal a mirror, portraying just who we are even if it's what we hate. In Simulacra and Simulation, he often quotes McLuhan's saying, "the medium is the message". I can only think that if we had more debates that even entertained such revolutionary ideas, we'd stay perhaps just a little clear of the vapidity of modern political discourse.

Could everyone cool please stop dying now? Ta.

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