Tuesday, March 13, 2007

La Mort de la Société

Just been catching up with the weekend papers over breakfast. The Guardian looks at French suicides linked to US-style working practices. While it notes that France isn't necessarily happy, it makes a go at linking the deaths to increased isolation and competition amongst what-were-formally-peers. Symbolically, maybe the deaths of a few individuals over there are akin to the death of society over here. JUST MAYBE. The general stuff is at the bottom of the article.
Prof Dejours believes a general loss of solidarity has led to people feeling lonely, isolated and afraid, especially, of losing their job. "When people were linked more closely there were rules of politeness and doing the right thing. There was cooperation, teamwork and respect. Now, it's about individual evaluation, competition between workers and everyone for themselves. You realise your colleagues are working against you and you are all alone."

P.S. Saw Inland Empire last night. How much more Lynch can you get? None. None more Lynch.

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