Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Playing with Mac apps

Just grabbed the latest version of

Slife, formerly Onlife. It's a Mac app that sits in the background, whirring away, watching what you're doing, and indexing it on a big timeline. You can "tag" activity, or group it by project (although so far, after a few months of usage, I haven't seen the need for this yet... maybe I need to make more of an effort).

The new thing to have caught my eye, though, is that they seem to be doing a "slifeshare" thing, which is like a cross between (here's me, btw) and maybe StumbleUpon. You can see what I'm browsing here.

Still not sure if the whole Twitter-style social-update thing is that huge a deal. I mean, sure, a lot of these things are interesting and, you know, nice and all, but sometimes you can just have far too much information, and we've survived perfectly well (mostly) without it before...


Adrian Howard said...

What - mentioning twitter without mentioning your twitter ID :-)

Scribe said...

Accounts I don't have: twitter, facebook, bebo. I think that's about it :)

Maybe I'll give it a play at some point... is it useful/entertaining/timesaving?