Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Grab Bag

Wow, has it really been over a week since I posted that last post? Wow, things move quickly when you're busy. I wanted to note the pending arrival of the YouTube anti-piracy filtering system as something pretty dramatic - namely, once this is in place on YouTube, why can't it be extended to include Google's entire websearch cache? I suspect this is what will get pushed for once the technology exists, although it'll be a little while until we see it. I suspect Google will let others do it.

Other sporadic and disjointed thoughts...
  • Watched King Kong (1976), Independence Day (again) and The Day After Tomorrow ("finally") in the last week. What is up with Americans blowing their own stuff up? It's almost as if they build huge things to advertise their ability to defend them - which brings us to the handicap principle. Does the incessant focus on blowing up national monuments and large towers betray their fascination with their own demise, a secret self-loathing at forcing themselves to be so goddamned defensive? Ah, who knows. I just know it makes for godawful films.

  • Need to sort out internet. But am I missing something? What's the catch?

  • Many phone calls to change address recently, but no Indian/Eastern call centres. In fact, very little aggro on the whole (except Southern Water and their cheesemo waiting music). Maybe it was the time of day - I thought I sensed some dutch accents.

  • Woo, 65days.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Internet access is patchy, as BT have a large stack up their end or something. i.e. no net from home for a couple o' weeks. Still, new home, so plenty to be getting on with :)

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Meow of Arc

The BBC claims that Joan of Arc's remains 'are fakes', but that's only because they want to bury the real story: Joan was really a cat mummy that lived for thousands of years. And we all know what that means.

(p.s. the news comes as no surprise if you've been reading Eco's Baudolino. Or watched Blackadder. Or know anything. Ever.)

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Delights to soothe you eartunnels with

Band of the week are Salter Cane, for finally released an album at last night's Gilded Palace of Sin gig up at the Prince Albert. Also for making their tunes available under a funky attribution-noncommercial CC license.

If you're into a good bit of dark hectic bazouki-filled "country-noir" earjazz, then check out the link above, teh mispace, and/or the show in a few weeks at Oxfam on Western Road.

I feel a remix coming on... o_O

Monday, April 02, 2007

Fully Grown Adults

BYOBW: Yet another reason to move to SF... Check out video from last year if you need any further persuasion.

Blue Greeny

In fond recollection of the classic net antiquity that is Bert is Evil, dark horses gallop towards us bringing news of Sad Kermit. Not pictures of Kermit wearing sandals and playing nethack in a dark bedroom, no no. See Kermit cover NIN's "Hurt" in true disturb-o-vision. (Not one for the kids. Unless you have goth 6-year-olds. In which case, I'm so, so sorry.) or check out teh myspace!!! for other covers and, you know, crazy myspace-type tings.

Altogether now, 'what have I become...?'