Tuesday, September 18, 2007

If real life were like Tamagotchi life...

If real life were like Tamagotchi life...

  1. I would be up at 8am every morning, and in bed by 9pm every night.

  2. Having a kid with a random stranger at 6 years old would be fine.

  3. I could go from working menial tasks at a funfair in the morning to being a bank worker in the afternoon. (up side.)

  4. Bank staff would have to avoid turds while collecting money. (down side.)

  5. I could earn a living on just the ringtoss at the local fair.

  6. I could be happy just by eating snacks.

  7. All food could be eaten in 3 bites.

  8. The Queen would drop by and give me plants and cash.

  9. I could get away with giving people turds for presents.

  10. Life could be put on pause until I could deal with it.

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