Sunday, September 02, 2007

Brighton Bristles

Laziness, tea-making of the zombie dead, and Tamagotchi babies (with an i) all conspired against me this morning, so it's just as well the BBC have some excellent photos of the WBMC 2007 which bristled in Brighton today. I even wear a strange mental badge of pride for living in one of the few British places that made it in to Laughing Squid (which explains the pointy feeling in my brain and the rainbows in my eyes).

Also. If you're into graffiti (or what I like to call "paintpunk"*) and pictures of pictures - and people making pictures of people making pictures - (but not people of people) - then you might want to "take in" the work of DarkDaze down at the North Laine above Snooper's. (insert related flickr-group plug here.)

Other stuff is happening in Brighton too. I recommend it.

* or not.

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