Tuesday, October 16, 2007

exmosis.net 3.0

Exmosis.net has had something of a zen makeover - the old site is now archived, and will still be maintained if I get any random thoughts (fat chance?). Generally, it's now just more "personal", less "chaotic", and with more integration with my other stuffs on the internets. Entropy is fun for a while...

CSS seems to work relatively well in IE6 (except for some not-too-disturbing bullet points down to ignorance of ">" selectors). Maybe the KISS approach works for MS browsers (and thus my sanity) too. I'm looking forward to the day that browser development and cognitive psychology merge into one mecha-psycho-browse-experience.

This is the third incarnation of exmosis.net. I seem to have a lot of old stuff lying about (looking in my directory structure is akin to seeing Hell), so thinking about a site gallery. NostalgiaWhizz!

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