Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Testing New Merged Feed

Seeing as Feedshake is being non co-operative, I've been messing with piping Atom feeds all over the place. If you want a shaky way to slurp all my blogs on the right-hand side, try:

Feedshake was nice, until it broke. I tried out FeedMePlz, but it doesn't seem to do an outgoing feed yet. Also trying out Feedbite - see my feed here - but it has random photos popping up on my feed, so maybe it's not doing what I think it is...

Under Google Reader you can make certain tags public. As my own feeds aren't changing much, I set up a new account and added them all under a single tag, then made that tag public and fed the public feed URL into Feedburner. The advantage to FB is I can switch in a different feed if I find something better, so that URL should stay now.

It's a little problematic, mostly due to Google Reader doing some funny things:
  1. Doesn't seem to understand dates from my Flickr feed, so currently all the recent photos are lumped together at the top. Might work itself out over time.

  2. My twitter feed suffers the same problem, so I'll keep an eye on the photos and add twitter if they do sort themselves out.

  3. GR can't seem to find my feed at the moment. I'll see if it works later.

Will see how it goes, whether Feedshake comes back, or if anyone has any better ideas... In the meantime, feel free to try it out.


Anonymous said...

What random pictures are you referring to? Those images are all in your feeds.

Scribe said...

After the entry for this post in Feedbite, I can see random Flickr photos - starting with IMG_1007 (1) posted at 07:16 on Oct 3rd... no idea where these photos are coming in from.

Anonymous said...

They're from 3 feeds that are currently marked inactive. Once the article is associated with a bundle it stays even if the feed is inactived. There is no way for you to remove the articles, but I can if you want.