Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hacking Moves On

Macs increasingly targeted for Malware, but not apparently for either of the 2 reasons I would have thought: a general audience for virus writers (as a whole) to exploit, or more geeks/hackers using Macs, and so having the hardware to hand.

The reason? "the jump in attacks against Apple appeared to be the work of a single gang of professional hackers..., known in security circles as the “Zlob gang”" (Nor do they really "hack" anything. Trojan Horses and playing on users is more their style.)

The hacking world really has moved on from what it's traditionally been, which is a huge shame in a way - the philosophy gets lost as money pushes it out.

(Also, is it just me that reads "nice" in the sentence "years of catering to a niche audience" as "nice" with a funny pronunciation? Thought so.)

[Update:} See also the accompanying FT tech blog comment. Does this mean that the Internet (or Macs?) have finally "come of age"? At what point does a nation start mandatory computer driving licenses, so that all users know what to avoid clicking on? (Imagine if car drivers didn't have to be tested on their road signs.)

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