Thursday, February 21, 2008

Putting the "Warn" into "Warner Bros"

Some phrases strike fear into the hearts and souls of the Gods' Gods themselves. Personally, any phrase that manages to link the words "Warner Bros", "live action", "fast-tracked" and "Akira" is clearly destined to beat Thor's Mum to death with her own rolling pin.

So oh goody yay hurrah and whizz.

Addendum: Fortunately, Hollywood seems to be moving away from comics and into board games. Following the success of Tim Curry in Clue, I can only hope that The Twisted Adventures of Monopoly is as madcap and alternative. Matt Damon dressed as a Giant Boot, stamping on everyone he meets while singing "These boots are made for walking" is instant screen gold. Similarly, a penniless Leonardo diCaprio, reduced to the states of a bum after visiting hotels far too often, would also delight the whole family.

One can only hope that Mousetrap, Scrabble and long forgotten Games Workshop game Oi, Dat's My Leg! are up for treatment too.

Anyone got any better ideas/photoshop skillz?

Update: Wired has some answers.

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