Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Brighton New London Tesco Road

Every time something changes in Brighton, I get a little more annoyed. I guess I've been naive in confusing "culture" (what us as people do) with "planning" (what them the powers do), but every large development in recent years has been about selling out promises of "community" and "sustainability" to more and bigger stores which we (and/or everyone else in the country) have already got.

So imagine my genuine pleasure upon reading that Tesco are #1 for taking over the old London Road Co-Op. Hurrah and biscuits, popdoodles and zipples. Their "exciting combination of food and comparison goods under one roof" (listed here) fill me with a TescoJoy [tm] to my TescoTeeth[tm].

Some might say this is the perfect antidote to the new Sainsbury's graveyard campus opposite, or to the forthcoming Aldi store just down the lane. More competition! More parking spaces! More coleslaw!

I say this is what's known as "selling Brighton up the duff". Ignore ideas of community on the ground that there's not enough funds to organise it. Get funding from those with too much cash anyway. Bend over. Drop pants.

Some others seem to feel the same way though. Maybe there's something we can do. But what can we do? Object? Protest? Move? (Away from Tesco? How?)

Look, powers-that-be. We don't need that much funding. We do need innovation. Creative ideas. Brave ideas. Ideas that aren't afraid of failure so long as they stuck to some notion of making people happy.

Ideas that aren't just peddled from yet another shopping behemoth.

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