Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Imagery Magic

Some things I just get too excited about - they pop something open in my mind, like a Grecian Gateway to a whole another world of fun and experience, and so I have to have to have to share them with the world in case anyone else understands. This evening, the gateway is being blown open by two photostreams on Flickr. (Click on photos to go to their Flickr page.)

Jochen Hartmann has been playing with 4x5inch bellows to produce some dreamlike work that takes my breath away, especially this one, this one and this little number (so far).

Elsewhere, but similarly in B&W, forgottenpittsburgh has been doing some fine experimenting with homemade contraptions to come up with some equally amazing images.

This one was created by leaving some photographic paper in a pinhole cam, and waiting for it to track the Sun's path over a couple of days...

The more I think about it, the real problem with digital convenience is not the ease of deletion, nor the USB connectivity, but the genericism of the sensor array. It's too easy to make digital film "too good", giving things a bland, uniform look because all the imperfection around the edges have been removed. It's in the production process, is photographic character. It's in the way the film slides, shuffles, dances. It's in the all-too-human fallibility of something tangible.

Yes, film has a good future.

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