Tuesday, June 24, 2008

No blokes kissing please, we're British.

Somewhere deep in Google HQ, the pagerank monster stirred ceaselessly in its nest, broken from its dreams by yet another jolt of electrical lucidity. Judgment time. Like a seven-headed apocalypse the monster emitted a half roar, and half bellied-laughter that shook the server room's cables. Another day, another link to the Daily Mail.


A mayonnaise advert showing two men kissing has been withdrawn after it led to more than 200 complaints.

"...some parents were angry that they had been forced to explain same-sex relationships to their youngsters who asked them about the ad."

Great British Blinkers go Bonkers, more like.


JamesB said...

When I first read this story I was incensed. Then I realised I wasn't cynical enough.

A campaign for Heinz has just gained additional massive free publicity. The ad agency get a reputation for cutting-edge campaign, Heinz show themselves to be a modern, free-thinking company. The campaign is withdrawn so that nobody's permanently upset. The Daily Mail gets some good copy on a divisive issue. The ad will win awards and everyone is happy.

I just don't see where the story gets anyone. What's the betting the ad agency worked behind the scenes adding inflammatory posts to the right message boards?

Scribe said...

Good point. I probably now associate it with Heinz more than if I had just watched the advert a few times. Do we remember names better if there's a scandal around it?

Quite what's with them other ads which have nothing to do with what's being sold, I have no idea. Is it just me that has problems with brand-recall? Or is it a subconscious thing?