Tuesday, July 01, 2008

In Praise of Bees

"Bees don't like the rain", said Police spokesman Derek Strong after a lorry carrying 330 crates of bees overturned in Canada.

I have it on good authority (a beekeeper whom I met the other week) that bees don't like being overworked too much, either. Like humans, they get tired (and probably a bit ratty) when they get moved from one to place to another in order to pollinate a new realm of plants and flowers for farmers' frivolities. I'm not sure how long they take to settle into a new home either but I suspect that, like humans, that takes time and energy as well.

In amongst everything else that bees have to suffer, it's amazing they haven't just thrown up their tiny human-like hands, and gone "sod this, I'm off to Belgium die in a corner". Or maybe they have. Maybe that explains Colony Collapse which - despite intensive bee-moving gestures, intensive pesticide-based farming, and possibly MoD-funded fertilising initiatives - is apparently still an "unanswered" oddity.

It's easy-beesy to equate the little furry stingers with honey, hives, and heck else. apart from pain. But, as with everything, bees get around and have a generally-useful impact on the environment and society in general. Bees visit flowers and collect pollen, and in doing so, pollinate the flowers which makes them grow. Additionally, birds like to eat bees. So without bees, much less plants and birds emerge.

I like bees. I'd even go so far to say "I LOVE BEES" (Arg!). You should love them too.

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