Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photowalk, Saturday Afternoon: Tactic Talk

Seeing as what how I managed to miss the last Brighton Flickr Meet by being Swiss, I thought I might head along to the Photowalk this Saturday (see also this thread). It's part of Scott Kelby's worldwide photo walk day and there are 33 people signed up for the Brighton walk, so it should be interestingly hectic.

As with all things, decision must be made. Should I take a film camera, for something a little different, but risk not getting photos back in time for the Tuesday upload deadline? Or go with digital like everyone else and risk getting outclassed? ;) After some thought, I thought a thought that it might be worth getting creative with the digital again. So I'm going to try splitting my time between seeing the world through black-and-white eyes, and seeing it through highly saturated fat. That should at least get something a little different in the flickr group. Unless, that is, someone reads this and decides to copy me. In which case I'll just cry. Like a child in the snow.

That's not to say that I won't be taking other cameras with me for fun, of course. So, back to the same decision, I guess...

Oh. We're meeting at Brighton train station, 2.30 for a 3pm start. Yell if you're thinking of coming along...

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