Monday, August 18, 2008

Safety First

If you haven't seen the 'STOP sign by committee design' video yet, then it's a good way to waste a couple of minutes of your life. Alternatively, go out and look at the trees, sing for a bit, or read one page of a book. All are good, although only one of these pokes fun at the complexity of modern day design of every-damned-thing.

In obviously totally unrelated observations, it's great to see an extra crossing going in at the bottom of North Street in Brighton, so that you only have 1 red man to taunt rather than 3 (or 4, or 6, I get fuzzy after 2). This follows in the footsteps of the long-fought-for crossings up outside BHASVIC, so credit where credit is no doubt due. The giant safety posters still continue to bemuse me though, succumbing as they do to my in-built, real-world 'pop-up' blockers. (Wait, that could sound rude. Oh, IT JUST DID.)

Checklist for Campaign to Stop People Getting Run Over by Buses: 1. 50 x person-sized banners saying LOOK to hang from lamp-posts like festivalia. 2. Olympic-swimming-pool-sized poster for people to look at instead of what's coming up North Road like ooh could it be a bus.

There is no number 3: Signs actually on pedestrian crossings warning "A BUS WILL RUN YOU OVER NOW IF YOU DO NOT STOP RUNNING AROUND" because that is too obvious.

Unless it is so obvious that I missed it. (This happens with alarming regularity.)

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