Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Post-everything Post

Phil points to an article by Robert Paterson on the post-job community world. This echoes a lot of the thoughts and feelings I've been having over the last few months as well, but could never set them out so analogously and clearly. See, just like that last sentence.

The notion of having skills is hugely important, although I would say 2 more things will be essential over the coming years:

One, dedication to reality - the balls to know what will work and what won't, to dismiss hype, optimism, pessimism and, dare I say, even hope if it turns out to just be more optimism in a mask. (Experiments pending.) Knowing what's really going on will let you respond to events before those events have happened. Preparation is sorely lacking in a lot of modern decision making.

Two, flexibility - it will be better to become a Jack of all Trades than to specialise in a single thing. Progress is here, dammit. I hate the progress treadmill as much as you, but we have the infrastructure to communicate widely and instantly, and we have a lot of very, very clever and creative people talking to each other over it. Change will come - what matters is how you filter that change. Flexibility mainly means being ready to give up what you know, cutting yourself loose from the idea of "identity" formed around function and knowledge.

'the zen gardener' by stanrandom

If I think about this with my Harmonious Technology hat on, what does this mean?

I think it means this: we have to build the world we want to live in ourselves, because we can't rely on markets to let us just buy what we want any more. We have to become post-civilised. And if we want everything to make sense, we have to start building sense into our infrastructures.

We need Zenpunk.

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