Thursday, January 29, 2009

Save the bees

Irregular readers (I fail to believe that I have any "regular" ones. In the head.) will know that I love bees. I was introduced to an infant hive in the middle of Devon in the middle of last year, and for some reason (probably that sugary food substance they give them) they made quite the Impact on me. Maybe I love the notion of the swarm community, the altruism of the suicidal sting, or the side effect of helping flowers to grow, just from moving around.

So it's great to see the Co-op are banning pesticides linked to colony collapse and so many other countries taking this seriously. Too often, we only see Inputs and Outputs - bee hives, and honey. But bees exemplify the idea of a system, the myriad other inputs and outputs that blur into a single, circular process. Side effects. Accidents. Opportunity. Feedback.

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