Friday, June 26, 2009

But I've been here all along...

Link: The Ubiquitous Matrix of Lies at Reality Sandwich

By: Charles Eisenstein

Quote: "We have all the technology and all the knowledge we need to live in beautiful harmony with each other and the planet. What we need is different collective choices. Choices arise from perceptions, perceptions arise from interpretations or stories, and stories are built of words, of symbols. Today, words have lost their power and our society's stories have seemingly taken on a life of their own..."

Thoughts: The link between language and action is a very good one - we live in a time when politics is ruled by soundbites and headlines, but nobody feels that any real decision are being made, or at least not in any meaningful way. A single vote is, perhaps, the ultimate expression of a collective-choice symbol - one vote to symbolise all that you believe. One vote to symbolise your hopes, fears and dreams about the future.

We have more information at our fingertips than ever before. But is this just more symbols, more noise? If so, are these symbols detached from "reality" because this noise replaces "reality" as the landscape against which things are judged? If the landscape is noise, then the evolution must be towards attention, towards difference, towards novelty. And then, where is "real"?

I have been thinking recently that while some power comes from being Loud, ultimately more power comes from Silence. Loudness, attention, novelty - these all work, so long as nobody else is louder than you. But silence... Silence re-connects us with the "real" maybe. Without words, there is no persuasion, only observation. There is truth, and beauty, and strangeness.

Perhaps that's why this blog has been so quiet recently.

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