Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sussex Uni Strikes

Sussex Uni alumni might be interested in the current strike actions going on around the University. The Defend Sussex blog contains useful updates and background information on each area facing cuts. Latest news is that Deputy Vice-Chancellor Paul Layzell is moving on. Whether that has anything to do with the current state of the Uni's finances are... unclear. But following the earlier departure of Vice-Chancellor Alasdair Smith, facing a lot of the same questions around finance cuts, it's difficult not to wonder if the management are happy to get out.

More generally, reading Baudrillard has made me (even) more sceptical. Like the cry for rights, if you've come to the point of protest then the state of affairs is already too far out of line to be saved without some kind of revolution. Protests, it seems, are a final battle cry against misjudged moves made within an inherent installation of attitudes. Protests are futile if they target only actions, as actions are the natural outcomes of attitudes and culture.

Real revolutions are not violent, but educational.

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