Friday, June 04, 2010

Balancing the global scales

For "substantial" news, and not just headlines on which monkey has won the X-Factor, my main source these days is the FT. Sure, you need a free reg if you want to read more than a little, but so far my appetite for world news seems to be inside the "free" parameters.

The last few days have been fairly gloomy, at least from a developed country's POV. As the weights begin to balance, the inequality in developing countries slowly comes into line with the inequality elsewhere. We begin to see the end of cheap labour, and rising demand for higher-value foods.

As everything lines up and begins globally connected, will we begin to understand all of the cheap foundations our lifestyles are based on? That closer-to-home balance of making money versus spending it - can the two continue to square up without fundamental psychological implications?

Are we living in a status bubble?

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