Thursday, July 08, 2010

Playing with Feedjournal

I've been playing with Feedjournal again recently, which creates a newspaper-style document from a list of RSS and Atom feeds. I picked it up a little while back but didn't use it much. Over the last few weeks, I've played with printing out a copy and being more selective about which feeds to include. It's quite nice to try to keep a varied, interesting mix of articles, and saves me from buying a weekend paper.

Here's my latest self-generated copy

I quite like that gradually I get to know which feeds work better on paper (i.e. not those with lots of links or videos). The current list is below (in no particular order), but some others have dropped off for various reasons.

1 comment:

James Burt said...

Wow. I actually sound smarter in a 3-column layout. Looks cool - I will have to play with Feedjournal soon.

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