Sunday, September 19, 2010

Moving on out... Bye-bye 7 Dials

ghosts and echoes of lighted jellyfish

So it's been about 3-and-a-half weeks since the ceiling of our living room came down with the noise of rushing waves at 2-in-the-morning, and since then life has been fairly hectic.

We spent a week doing the nearest you can get to sofa-surfing with a heavily pregnant wife - the cosy spare bedrooms of friends and family was a nice getaway for a week with some interesting thoughts, but ultimately one has to live somewhere. Finding a place to rent (especially in Brighton) these days isn't a particular walk in the park, but the Gods smiled a wry smirk on us, and this weekend has been full of cardboard boxes, white vans and friends lifting heavy things with us.

Our new place is… different to where we are now. Where we are now there are high ceilings with fancy wallpaper (which was probably all that was keeping the ceiling up for 3 years, to be honest), and creaky floorboards that wake everyone in the house up at 3am. It's nice being able to walk to work or into town or to the train station.

Our new place is more solidly built - it has things like, y'know, ceilings, and underfloor heating and a balcony. It also has CCTV and someone who comes round the block of flats and takes your rubbish away at 9am apparently. And a fishpond outside full of koi carp, and a communal swimming pool that closes in about 2 weeks for winter. Oh, and a bus stop to get you into town.

I shall miss the old German woman downstairs who tells us her life stories, and the delights of Seven Dials such as the Seven Dials directory, and the Moorish takeaway owned by the partner of Dave Broom, whisky Thor, and the green curries of Thai Pad Thai (ne The Little Buddha). I will miss the moody cats and the man opposite with the orange camper van that he gets out on nice days to take the family to who-knows-where. I won't miss the students upstairs quite so much.

Yes, I seem to have gotten old. I hit 30 (OK, over a year ago) and life caught up with me. I think I've started to maybe appreciate the little things more though, like cups of tea and warmth and things that work and going to bed at 10.30. I now know what a Loss Adjuster looks like.

That doesn't I intend on becoming staid though. I will talk too much about babies, but I'll still hang out on Freenet. I'll sit on a chair on the balcony, but I'll still buy weird cameras. Maybe this is a manifesto. Maybe this is a mid-life crisis - or a turning point. Maybe this is just the way things are.

Maybe things are about to get really exciting.

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