Friday, October 22, 2010

Photo Fringe Show, Nov 1st-7th

"Strange Places" - an exhibition

So things are in a bit of limbo at the moment - the definite calm before the rather exciting storm that's about to sweep me up. However, it gives me a chance to announce that I'm one-third of an upcoming show as part of the Brighton Photo Fringe Festival. Here's the shibby:

"Strange Places"
What: Three unique visions of places just outside our experience
Who: Mike Oddhayward, Photo Madly and myself
Where: Add the Colour Cafe on North Road (map)
When: Monday 1st to Sunday 7th November

We're even having a private view thing and everything - email for, well, info.

This is the first real show I've done, and it's been a fantastic process in conjunction with Mike and Erika to work out what to show, how to show it, what needs organising and everything that goes into something like this. It's certainly given me a new perspective on every photo exhibition I look at, but also on presenting my own photography. Rock on.