Tuesday, December 07, 2010

An Experiment in Trade

Update: Trade success. Gotta love Twitter.

I've been selling photos on Etsy for a little while, although not had as much time as I'd like to devote to it. But it's been fun and rewarding when sales have come in - so fun and rewarding that maybe it's worth experimenting a little more here.

Here's the deal: I'm going off hard cash a little, and getting increasingly frustrated with having to shunt money between services such as Paypal, with each service taking a cut each time. I want to try something new for a change.

So I'm offering a mounted print of one of my photos in exchange for a license for AirFoil for the Mac. ($25 = about £16 at the moment.)

How it works I'm not quite sure - I figure something like this:

  • The print will be 8 inches on the longest side, printed on really really nice paper by a local guy I know. Seriously, this paper is often better than the photo. It's like cloth.

  • I'll mount the print, probably with a couple of inches of cream mount, but I'm flexible. I'll also cover postage, of course. Worldwide. (Hey, it's an experiment.)

  • The AirFoil license purchase looks like it would need to be in your name, so you'd have to be happy with me using a license under your name.

  • Otherwise, it should just be a case of buying the license, and forwarding me the details by e-mail.
Interested? (Hmm, it'd make a great Christmas gift and a lovely tale to tell your kids.) Just drop me a tweet, blog comment, Flickr message, e-mail, text, or any other message. First come, mostly first served, but sure we can sort something else out if more than one person wants a print (however unlikely...)

Commence. Trade successful.


Ben said...

I assume you know that you can do what airfoil does with pulseaudio under linux, right?

Scribe said...

Thanks Ben, that's a useful pointer. I'm not averse to building stuff from src on OSX, but ironically it was the sound system on linux that finally pushed me away from it.

I like Airfoil for its simplicity in both installing and use. "Doing easily" beats out "doing" in this case.

Ben said...

To be fair on a recent linux distro it's just a package install and a couple of gui clicks away, but if you want to use it on os x I guess it's a bit harder.

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