Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Finance Cornershop's Next Album

Yesterday I paid a tenner for a CD single. Crazy? Maybe - I don't usually buy singles, and hardly ever on CD.

But the CD's a signed copy of the Brimful of Asha EP, by Cornershop. I remember watching Cornershop play BoA of Jools Holland, and rushed out to buy Born for the Seventh Time. A dozen or so years later, the album is still one of my favourites, with its mix of tunes, styles, and rhythmic quirks.

But I still wouldn't normally pay a tenner for a single. And actually I haven't - I've merely pledged a tenner. Cornershop have started a music pledge to finance their next album, independently. And I have to admit, I love this idea - give away limited editions and unique stuff as a new way to create value. That's worth a tenner in itself.

There are 91 days left to raise the rest of the cash. Get over there and see if you fancy something.

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