Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Flash Fiction Finals

Been ultrar-busy recently, so a pleasant shock to find I was a finalist in the FlashLitFiction 2012 competition at the weekend (from 8 shortlisted). "You have won second place in a Twitter writing contest" makes me think of an updated version of Monopoly, but in reality this is probably the only (fiction) writing I do/have time for these days. When I was six I wrote a massive (it seemed) journal of a big blue bus, but I didn't have bills to pay in those days.

So gargantuan thanks all round to the FLF lot for organising. Here's my runner-up entry - I meant to improve on it but never had the spare few minutes:
"Dear Son. In 9 years and 7 days you'll know this was my way of saying I love you. For now, please get on the bus. Don't look back."
And here's the winner, from @_MyNameIsFaye:
"I urinated on to the stick and we sat staring at it. If two lines appeared you would propose. If one line appeared I would leave you."
Brilliant stuff.