Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Music Mayham

Yay, first update in a while...

In among all the (ongoing) blocknois.es Bitcoin music label stuff, I'm trying to do some more music of my own. Up until now, this has mostly been fairly hit-and-miss (and will probably continue to be so), but using "mini" devices such as a new Korg Monotron and Caustic on my phone has meant it's slightly easier to find time and space to mess about.

I'm slowly piecing together a basic EP for finding-my-way-around-music-again purposes, but in the meantime here's something pretty unrelated. This was created by hooking up the Monotron to Electroplankton and an FM3 Buddha Machine which I've had a while.

Not sure I'd class it as "music" just yet. But it is fun. Waiting for the next Corner:

(Click here for direct link)

(Bonus music link - check out Postcards from a Used Future by Rupert and Espen for more experimental goodness.)