Monday, June 10, 2013

State of play(ing)

All quiet? Yes and no. All busy - too busy to write blogs. But busy enough to have stuff to write about. The blogger's dilemma? Maybe.

Recently I've been...

Getting a Raspberry Pi set up - initially to take over from Google Reader using tt-rss, with encouraging results - drop me a line if you want an account. Next I'm looking at getting to run the code which has recently been taken down. And seeing if I can run Octopress to self-host some blogs. And run a DLNA server.

Hacking a Piratebox again for a local wifi/community portal project, also with encouraging progress to the point where I can start hacking HTML instead of Linux network config scripts. Still so much to do, but it's a fun project.

Musing about personal infrastructures and sustainable energy. More to come on this, but suffice to say I have a million tiny devices, and figure there must be a better way to use them all than just to buy stuff with. Hoping this will be the next blog post.

Getting back into Flickr a bit - and with it, a bit of street photography after watching this documentary on Saul Leiter. Here's a result on some old slide film in an old Yashica rangefinder camera which is currently my favourite:

Reading a lot about Agile stuff.
Drinking a lot of tea.

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