Sunday, June 02, 2013

This car...

This car is one of my first Matchbox cars. It is stamped 1979, it is as old as I am. It is a Porsche 928 - Superfast no. 59, patent no. 983558, reg plate no. MHH 30V.

It was amazingly Made in England, and has an all-metal body and chassis, with plastic windows, interior, and wheels. It has two doors that open, and that even now close with reassuringly snappy action. The doors have "R" and "L" stamped on them.

It had paintwork flaking off and a crack in the rear windscreen. It whooshes along smoothly and rocks slightly from side to side if you push it.

It has been in an attic for years, and is now being looked after by my son.

This car still runs.

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