Friday, March 28, 2014

Sending Reading Material through Time and Space

You know what's rocking my world right now? Apart from turkey sandwiches and books about Paris?

Firefox Sync - but, more specifically, sending tabs between all my Firefoxes.

After hooking Firefox on my Android phone up to my laptop browser, I noticed the ability to share links on the phone via Firefox Sync.

Not sync everything - screw that. Who wants to open 512 tabs on their phone after a long day's work? Who wants to read all that code documentation at home, or see all those "crazy Russian" videos at work?

But sending a particular page across contexts, through time, so you can read it when the time is right? Awesome. Link to share with colleagues? Hell yeah. Page to read on the bus home? Thanks.

And it's a bit hidden from the Firefox add-ons search, but here's a Firefox plugin to send a link from your browser to any other synced Firefox.

Every time you send a link, you get asked which browser to send it to. Easy.

Combined with the Send to Kindle Firefox add-on, I'm really enjoying moving content into other boxes of my life. I can queue stuff up for work, for the weekend, or whatever. And best of all, it seems to just work.

Extra: Read Contexts

What is it about different devices at different times and places? Does content suit a device, a surrounding, or does the device suit content and a surrounding? Why do we insist on cramming the wrong content into the wrong device at the wrong time?

Where are you reading this right now?

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