Wednesday, September 10, 2014

ROTWOT 2014-09-10. "Why do people work?"

"Why do people work?" The child stared up at the father,
and the father looked back. "To make money. To buy food" said
the father.

"Why do people work?" asked the child to the teacher. The
teacher raised their eyebrows. "Well what do you want to be?"
the teacher replied.

"Why do people work?" said the child to the Prime Minister, who
gave a big, bellowing laugh. "So that society can improve for
the betterment of all!" The Prime Minister patted the child's
head, and walked off.

"Why do people work?" The manager took off her spectacles and
cleaned them with a cloth while she thought. Sliding them
back on to her nose, she said flatly, "we have to do -something-."

"Why do people work?" yelled the child, to make sure the giants
could hear. But the billboard just carried on looping its
wall-sized animation of people smiling to each other via tiny

It was the start of Autumn and the sun was touching the
distant clouds on the horizon. "Why do people work?" the child
said, as she took a seat next to the sage. The sage glanced
at the child, and then turned back to the sun. Pointed flocks
of birds were flying south against the brazen colours developing
in the sky.

The child smiled, and they sat there until the colours faded.

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